12:25 a.m.

two new sisters and a brother

I had a pretty shitty week last week. Well, actually, it was fine until Friday when it went to hell.

I had lunch with my father on Friday, and he nonchalantly told me he got married over the weekend. In Vegas. To the bitch I hate (though haven't met).

I now have a step mother, two step sisters, and a step brother I've never met. Nor, do I really want to ever.

I have not been dealing well with this at all.

At. All.

It's still not fully sunk in yet.

My first question was why wasn't I invited? Not because I wanted to be at the wedding, but because it would've been nice to be taken to Vegas.

On the advice of a girl from work I decided to send them a congratulations/wedding card. It makes me sick to my stomach to do it, but it's the nice thing to do. The thing is that all of the congratulations on your wedding cards are made for 20 year old first timers. Completely not appropriate for my father. So, I moved on over to the generic congratulations cards and found this:


On the inside, it just says "Congraulations!" I seriously planned on sending it until Jackie told me it was completely inappropriate and rude. Now that I think about it, it is. However, it completely expresses how I feel. I bought a normal card to send, but I really need to send this to someone or I will be tempted to send it to them.

Have any of you done something to be congratulated about that won't get offended by flying pigs? I really need to send it as soon as possible or I will end up sending to my... step mother. GAH!

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