12:03 a.m.

Update? Bleh

So, obviously I've unlocked the site again.

It's been weeks since I've found out the boy was engaged, and I've been too chicken shit to tell his fiance, so I think it's best I just move on with life. I think I may tell him, as several people have given me that advice. Then, I can just let go of the whole thing. The stress and guilt I feel isn't justified. It wasn't my fault. Right? Right.

In unrelated news: I had yet another lovely date on Saturday night. He took me to an amateur ultimate fighting type event. Um, yeah. He had general admission tickets which were standing room only. In fact, the event was so amateur that when they announced that everyone needed to stand for the national anthem they realized that they didn't have a flag in the arena.

Then the announcer said, "Let's just pretend there's a flag there" and pointed to the screen where the cameraman quickly panned around and found a flag on some man's shirt.


Ok, I'm sorry, call me pretentious, call me bitchy, call me what you will, but I refuse to put my hand over my heart for a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt with an American flag with 20 stars on it.


Anyway, the date went downhill from there, but I'd prefer to just avoid reliving it.

In other unrelated news: I've apparently taken to having phone sex with random acquaintances. Yes, you read it right. Whatever, his voice was damn sexy and he made me cum multiple times, so no harm, no foul.

In somewhat related news: I've been inspired to get my fat ass in shape. Except this time I'm going to do it the healthy way. I have a lovely friend who is going to help me with the nutrition and training aspects, and in return I'll help motivate him, too.

Luckily for me, the fact that I weigh more than him is motivation enough.

Wish me luck.

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