12:18 a.m.

locking it up

Due to the impending letter I'll be sending, I'm going to lock up this site for a bit. I found that you can find it quite easily the same way I found out info on the boy.

I've tried very hard to keep this site unconnected with my personal life in any way shape or form, but apparently I forgot that one day and now I'm linked in Google.

Anyway, email me for the user name and password. The link to my email is on the left over there. Or, leave me a note or comment and I'll send it to you.

I've never been locked before, and I never thought I would be, but I'm not putting anything past anyone anymore. It'll only be for a short amount of time though.


In unrelated news, I woke up this morning to blood all over my covers and pillow and face and freaked out. I ran to the bathroom and couldn't figure out where I was bleeding from. I finally figured out it was coming from my throat. I've been really sick the past few days, and my throat is so sore and raw from the cold and the purging that it just started bleeding. I can't even eat or swallow today it's that painful. I didn't feel well at all and I went back to sleep instead of going to class. When I woke up again it was the same scene.

I have to work in the morning. I was going to call in sick, but I need the money. I hope it doesn't happen again.

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