2:53 p.m.

I over analyze EVERYTHING

Ok. So. I'm obsessive.

Like. I over analyze everything. Every. Little. Detail. Of. Every. Little. Thing.

So, we talked that night, and we decided to go on a road trip over Spring Break. Then the whole next day I obsessed over the entire conversation.

He had just gotten home from being out with his friends that night, and he'd been drinking, though obviously not shit faced drunk because we talked for 3 hours and he held an intelligent and coherent conversation.

What if he was drunk when he said he wanted to go, and now he wants out of it? What if he really wasn't serious when he said he'd go?

So, he called late last night and I was really tired and basically couldn't hold a conversation very well. I kept drifting off into sleep, then I noticed he wasn't responding to me when I'd wake up and say something. I tried calling back to wake him up, but it didn't work so I went to sleep.

I woke up this morning and called him because I felt a bit rude for falling asleep on him last night. So, he answers and it's obvious I woke him up. He said he'd call me back later when he was actually awake, and he still hasn't.

He'll call tonight, I'm sure. I hope. Anyway, that's not why I'm obsessing, I'm obsessing because I am so extremely excited about going to the Grand Canyon and Vegas that if he decides not to go I may spontaneously combust from disappointment.

Everyone here knows how absolutely ape shit I am about road trips. I adore them. I adore them even more if I have someone with me whom I can fuck every 100 miles. In strange public places.

Please tell me I'm being retarded. Boys, please tell me that he likes me and this is how boys are when they like someone. Please keep crossing your fingers and toes and eyelashes that we go on this trip.

I promise, you'll all get lots of postcards whether you want them or not. :p

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