5:14 p.m.

I hate people like me.

I have been in a pure state of happiness for the past few days.

Seriously, cloud motherfucking nine.

However, I keep trying to tie myself to the ground so I don't float away too high. Because, then my balloon will burst and I will have a very long fall to a very hard ground.

Ha, my analogy amused me.

There are certain things that make me think twice about falling for this boy.
1) He's military. Though, he is officially out tomorrow and he was an officer, so it's not like he was a dirty GI. (No offense to any dirty GIs that may be reading this.)
2) He might be moving soon. He's got his things packed up and ready to go, the movers came today and put all his things in storage. He's going to rent another place as soon as he finds a new job, which may or may not be in this state.

So, those are the things that make me go, hmmmm....

Remember that song? Now I have to go find it. (Found it!)

See, I'm so fucking giddy it's made me ADHD.

Anyway, those are the things that make me question if I should really put my heart into this. On the other hand, there are a million little things that I adore about him already. I shall list them for you because I feel like bragging.

1) He was an officer in the military and has the same degree as I'm going for.
2) He's adorably shy and sweet.
3) He's really cute in the morning with his glasses on.
4) He is fucking brilliant.
5) His smile makes me smile.
6) He has a freaking Suduko book and pencil in his bathroom, not porno magazines like all the other boys. For some reason, this made me swoon hardcore and it's such a stupid thing.
7) He has the longest eyelashes ever known to man.
8) He's older than me, but not too much older.
9) He hates SUVs, too.
10) We have the same dream car, an M6.
11) He's a Virgo, too.

I know, *gag* I'm sickening. I'll stop now.

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