12:12 a.m.

kill me now

I have a date tomorrow, but I think I may cancel. I'm too uncomfortable in my own skin and self conscious lately to try to impress others. Though he seems quite promising and I should probably go just in case he's the love of my life.

In other completely unrelated news: As if buying condoms wasn't odd and uncomfortable enough, they now put those theft deterrent sensors in them.

And then, when the cashier doesn't deactivate them you have to have a 70 year old grandma working the door go through your bag, yell loudly across the entire store to ask if condoms have sensors, then walk over to the nearest check out stand and run the box of condoms over the deactivator thingy twelve times while everyone watches her and then slowly walk back while reading the box, then when she gets back she says that SHE SHOULD TRY THIS BRAND, BECAUSE ITS 'FOR HER PLEASURE' AND SHE THINKS SHE'D LIKE THAT, hands the box back and says, 'enjoy your night!'.

All for a $6.00 box of condoms.

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