2:19 a.m.

Randy Rhoads

I was supposed to go see Christmas lights with Mark tonight, but to be honest I'm so exhausted we decided to do it another night.

Saturday I went to the gym for two hours in the morning, afterwards Mark and I went for a three hour hike, I went to my volunteering job, then we went out to dinner and back to the gym before we passed out on his couch.

On Sunday we went for a four hour mountain biking adventure, went to the gym for two hours, I went to my other volunteering job, AND we went on a leisurely walk around a nearby lake.

There's something to be said for being so physically exhausted that you no longer have the capacity to think about your problems. I slept until noon today out of sheer exhaustion. I can feel every muscle in my body when I move - even ones I didn't know existed.

However, I did have the time and energy on Sunday to have a heated argument about Randy Rhoads. How can anyone think he wasn't one of the best guitarists ever? Have you not heard Crazy Train for fuck's sake?!

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