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I've been looking for apartments for weeks now, and I found this the other night on a website.

I am in love.

It's tiny, yes. It's not a full kitchen, yes. It looks like it's for midgets, yes.

But...it's brand new, in a nice neighborhood, it's an apartment above a garage so it's like my own teeny house, it's $475 a month with all utilities paid, it's close to the gym and the interstate, and I think it's fucking adorable.

Now, the bad news. I have no job, I have no money until my disbursement from the school in January, I'm afraid it'll be gone by the time I get the cash to move, and I'm a bit scared.

I've emailed the owner, but haven't gotten a response yet. I'm going to go look at it and hope that there's something horribly wrong with it so I won't feel bad that I can't get it.

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