5:01 p.m.

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm not much on Thanksgiving. It combines two things I'm not very good with: family and food.

I'm alone today. My mother was invited somewhere for Thanksgiving dinner, and it's a good thing otherwise I'd be spending Thanksgiving in my car. I was going to go volunteer at the shelter today if she didn't leave, but she did and I was lazy and came home.

I don't know when she'll be back, but I don't want to leave too early.

It's a bit boring in the car.

The Broncos are playing tonight. If my mother isn't here before the game starts, I know I'm safe until the end - she doesn't miss a minute of a game.

It's just easier, and less painful, if I don't have to see her. It just escalates until things get too much for me to handle.

I did get to talk to the closest thing I have to a family - Sam. At least I was able to spend a portion of my Thanksgiving with someone that loves me like family.

I'm ok with being alone, it's being lonely that hurts.

Anyway, I'm gonna get packed. Maybe I'll go to the local sports bar and watch the game there.

I want pizza.

Happy Thanksgiving/Happy Thursday

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