12:00 a.m.

I'm crying over commercials like I'm 9 months pregnant

These made me cry. Of course. What doesn't these days?

I mean, come on... Cyndi Lauper?! What's next? Crying when I hear a Metallica song playing over an American Express commercial or something else as unlikely?

Anyway, it's sad that little girls feel this way. It's sad that I still feel this way, and it didn't start for me until I was 11 or 12, and there are girls on there that look seven or eight.

See. The anesthesia altered my personality [or maybe it's the OxyContin (Yum!)]. Since when have I cared about little children's self esteem? Since November 1, 2006 apparently. I'm claiming it as my new personality's birthday.

I joke about it, but I really hope this change isn't temporary. I hope I stay this way. Minus the crying every 10 seconds, I could do without that.

Also, this really floored me, though I know every picture in every magazine is manipulated, I didnít realize you could change it that dramatically. And it's not just girls:


Anyway, why aren't these commercials shown in the US? Were they and I just missed them? I don't watch much TV.

Stupid Canadians with their good commercials making me cry.

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