1:11 a.m.

It's my site and I can post stupid horoscopes if I want to. So there.

Psst. You can invest only so much time in fixing things for others or trying to point out that there is an easier way. The full moon reminds you that if you have only one life to live, it should probably be your own. Sometimes you expend so much effort fostering, nurturing, and hand-holding the interests of others that you end up being too exhausted to promote your own.

Edited to add:

How high a frequency can you hear? I can hear up to 21.1kHz perfectly, then I tried the 22.4kHz and heard nothing. I am convinced there is nothing there, but apparently younger people can hear it? I dunno. Anyway, I must have good hearing because I'm 27 and can hear most of them. I can hear a tv on mute from a mile away, and the whirring of electronics bothers me so much I can't sleep sometimes - I wonder if this is why. Mark can only hear up to 17.7kHz and I'm convinced he is lying cause it's so obnoxiously loud to me. Tell me I'm not crazy and that you can hear it, too.

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