12:27 a.m.

extreme makeover

Iím obsessed with Extreme Makeover now that my mother insisted on getting Tivo.

I donít want to get started on the absolute stupidity of getting Tivo when we canít afford food, but itís her house and her choice. Besides itís the reason I slept in my car once, and I really donít care to rehash it tonight. Whatever.

Anyway, Iíve watched about 40 episodes, and Iím thoroughly convinced that I need major work done. I have a running list in my head of all the surgeries and procedures I need done, and the bill will be unbelievable, but worth it.

I cry at the end of every episode. Even if they turn out less than pretty, it still makes me cry because theyíre so happy.

Maybe they can fix me.

Also, completely unrelated: I would totally have sexy time with Borat.

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