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big mac

At one point in time, I considered buying a Mac, but after they started airing those pretentious commercials, I lost interest.


I'm sitting here typing on a new MacBook Pro, and I must say it's quite pretty. It's so sleek and hip and...well, pretentious. But, to be honest anything is much nicer than my 10 year old, 20lb laptop.

I'm at Mark's but I need to go home. It was a blizzard today, and the roads are probably getting slicker with every passing second. And, I don't feel comfortable spending the night. I wonder how long he'll keep me around if I keep avoiding sex.

Anyway, here's my horoscope for tomorrow:

If you discard inefficient ideals now, it will free you up to devise schemes that could achieve the desired results, not to mention saving you the trouble of carrying on as though something suits you when it actually doesn’'t.


Edited to add: I stole this from Jeff. I'm waiting for my car to warm up because I'm a wuss and needed to waste some time.

Simply put your iPod on shuffle mode and write down the tracks that it picks in order - no cheating - to fill in the different scenes for a movie of your life.

Opening Credits
No Man's Land - Sufjan Stevens

Waking Up
Evil - Interpol

Average Day
Graceland - Willie Nelson

First Date
Just Like a Woman - Bob Dylan (How fucking appropriate!)

Make Out Session
Jimi Thing - Dave Matthews Band

Sex Song
The Sharing Song - Jack Johnson (Um...)

Falling In Love
Ave Maria - Luciano Pavarotti (Oh my)

Fight Song
Take a Walk - Spoon (Ha!)

Long Drive
My Sweet Relief - Martin Tielli

Getting Cheated On
Square One - Tom Petty

Breaking Up
I Can't Take It - Tegan & Sarah

Getting Back Together
With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley

Life's Okay
Good Feeling - Violent Femmes

Party Scene
Title and Registration - DCFC

Mental Breakdown
Just Be Simple - Songs: Ohia

Deep Thought
Wildflowers - Tom Petty

Flash Back
Opie's Funeral Song - Sufjan Stevens

Death Scene
I Will Survive - Cake

Closing Credits
Better - Regina Spektor

If you want to do it, feel free. It successfully wasted enough time so that I can hop in a toasty car, and is eerily kind of appropriate, I guess the iPod is all knowing.

If you want any of these songs just email me.

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