11:29 p.m.

more pointless ramblings

So, the overall consensus is that Mark is yummy and not gay.

I'm gonna give him a try. He's nice and cute and he let me drive his car, which is on the list of my dream cars even though I didn't really technically know it existed, so he can't be too horrible. Besides, every girl needs a trophy boyfriend once in her life. He's much cuter than any of my exes, so I think I'll keep him around just to look at for a bit.

I'm not going to let my brain over think things. Things like calling me when he gets home from work at 10:00pm and wanting me to come over. Every day.

Hi, I'm Julie. I'm co-dependent. I see you are, too. Nice to meet you.

I've resisted the urge to cling to him though he's making it hard. I don't know if it's progress on my part, or just lack of interest. Either way, I just don't have the desire to be with him every spare moment and it makes me feel a bit guilty.

But why should I feel guilty? I've only been dating him for two and a half weeks, you'd think he was ready to move in together. Maybe it's just that romantic period in the beginning of a relationship where everything is euphoric. But, I'm just not feeling it this time.

Though sometimes I feel little butterflies because he's sweet and kind and seems to truly like me and want me.


Ok. I said no over thinking, so I'm going to bed before I convince myself he's a rapist or an undercover Iraqi terrorist.

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