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tree tattoos

On my birthday I took a ride in the mountains. I used to go to Cripple Creek, a small gambling town, with my parents when I was younger. Every trip we would pull off on the shoulder and visit the spot where we first carved our name into one of the trees. There are probably 50 spots on the way to Cripple Creek where people pull off and do the same thing.

On Monday, I pulled off at the familiar spot, and searched for over an hour for the tree where we carved our names. I couldn't find them, and in reality, they've probably been carved over several times.

Tree tattoos

I decided to start a new inscription, and visit it regularly. It's so peaceful there, and it makes me happy.

I felt so guilty for doing this. It just felt wrong, and I wanted to hug the poor tree when I was done.

Yes, I'm a treehugger.

Julie '06

This spider gave me the heebie-jeebies.

I think its body looks like a face.

doggy face

I've just watched an hour of television meant to be shown to high school students in the classroom.

Meth isn't good for you. Please don't do it...

In other news, my ankle is getting better, but it's definitely not back to normal. It's still really swollen and sore, but the bruising is slowly going away and I can walk on it a bit. I think it'll take awhile, but it'll heal fine.

And until it does, I have Darvocet from my drug smuggling grandma.

Oh, and for the record, TomKat's spawn looks eerily similar to Jackie's baby (minus the creepy Photoshopping). Proof:

Laughing because she got her way - again.TomKitten

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