3:52 a.m.

sketches & kvetches (I learned a new yiddish word while looking for a rhyme, and it actually makes sense!)

Iím finding new and inventive ways of wasting money. I spent $2 for two sketches of panda babies from Sketch-it. Theyíve done one, but their turnaround time sucks. Iíll post the next one as soon as itís done. I guess itís a pretty good way of spending $1; at least I have something to show for it.

Panda Sketch

In other news, does anyone know a free hosting site that will host an .ico file? I switched ISPs and Adelphia makes your Ďfree web spaceí with your primary email in the address. Mineís my full name, so no go there. No one else Iíve found will host .ico files for free. I miss my little panda baby in the address bar.

Tomorrow I have to get up at a decent hour because I have to go get my parking pass ($370!) and books ($540!) at the university. Bleh.

Also, I need to go get a few new clothes because Iíve gotten so fat that I donít fit in mine anymore. I do, but itís not a pretty site.

I feel pretty disgusting and worthless lately.

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