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vacation videos you never wanted to see

Iím sorry I havenít been updating. Iíve been avoiding it because I hadnít finished going through all my photos. I know that doesnít make sense to anyone but me.

I suppose Iíll be recapping my trip until next summer. Oh well.

So, instead of photos, here are the videoís I took while on my trip. Theyíre not great because they werenít taken with a video camera, but theyíre good enough.

I walked in late on this groupís performance. Something about performing at the 2008 Olympics, but after watching them for a bit Iím not so sure about thatÖ

Hereís a short clip of a really talented man playing theÖ.umÖyeah, I dunno. But, I liked it.

This is one of the guards of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This site is great at explaining why he does certain things like take 21 steps, waits 21 seconds, etc. It also dispels a lot of the myths that are being forwarded in several emails like the three Iíve received.

Thatís the only video I took. I was afraid Iíd run out of storage space. Itís a good thing I did, because I only had a few MB left when I pulled into my driveway.

In other news:

I hate the Overstock.com spokeslady. I want to rip her lips off; she acts so snooty.

This man is amazingly talented. Iím in awe.

Iím freaking out about my financial aid. I received a letter in the mail from financial aid telling me I was awarded another scholarship, but most of my previous scholarships are missing from the list.

I also received a bill from the school saying I owe them $3800 for the money that was dispensed to me for the summer semester. I went today to talk to the school and get everything straightened out. While I got the bill details worked out, Iím still unsure of my financial aid situation. The most current letter that was sent to me is missing almost $20,000 in scholarships and grants.

Iím emailing her tomorrow to clarify things.

Iím so worried about it, I broke into a crying fit on the phone with my best friend. God, I love him so much; I think Iíd probably have offed myself by now if it wasnít for him calming me down every other day. He convinced me I was over reacting.

My anxiety is getting progressively worse with every passing day.

Iím so sick of this.

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