12:15 a.m.

instant karma's gonna get you

Flickr's been acting up tonight and I don't feel like fighting with it, so no pictures.

Yes, I sent a bazillion postcards. Just tell everyone you live with I'm a loon.

This afternoon I was behind a low rider with two teenage 'gangsters'. As I turned onto my street, they slowed to a irritating 15 miles per hour.


I was pissed, and threw my hands up in the air in disgust. They saw me, slowed down to less than 10 mph, and started laughing. Just as I was about to pass them, instant karma hit.

Their back wheel fell off. The whole thing; not just the rim. Sparks started flying when the back end of their piece of shit started dragging against the pavement.

I slowly drove around them and chuckled to myself.

I love instant karma.

Since I've returned from my trip I haven't spent a single night at home. I foolishly agreed to watch Jackie's parent's dogs for an entire week. I'm never agreeing to it again. I haven't been paid, nor do I know how much they're going to pay me. Their dogs are retarded, and shit and piss everywhere. I've spent more time cleaning their carpets than any human being should. Also, they have a cat that is 20 year old, and constantly walks around barking.

Yes, barking.

Since their dogs are retarded, I have to spend the night here or they'd be caged 23 hours a day.

I am slowly being driven insane.

Tomorrow I have to baby-sit (because I am a pushover), then I have a dinner to go to for one of my scholarships. I would've declined, but it was at the chancellor of the university's home and I figured I shouldn't decline.

Friday I'm getting my cable internet connected.

My DSL has an upload speed of .2kbps. It's worse than dial-up. And, the cable is only $2 more per month.


Now I must sleep surrounded by a thousand dolls. Or, at least try.

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