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rehashing pt. 1

You might want to pee and get a drink before you start reading this entry, this is gonna take awhile.

I started out my trip before dawn, and when I was finally able to see the Chevy Cobalt I was given, I noticed that it was far from clean.


However, I was too far away, and honestly didnít care that much about it. Iím a bit messy anyhow.

I pulled off the highway to take a picture of this water tower. I thought it said Good lord.


Yeah, it just says Goodland. Whatever.

A few hours into my trip, I reached my first destination: Prairie Dog Town!

Inside the building I was greeted by two older women and this:


I enjoy how they tried to hide the stench with a car freshener.

I was excited about seeing all the animals at prairie dog town, but when I got there, and shelled out my $7.50, I was sadly disappointed.


There were some cute baby piggies that I was able to pet.




This is the ĎWorldís Largest Prairie Dogí they claim to have. I felt a little ripped off.


All the animals, with exception of the prairie dogs and goats, were caged in tiny enclosures. Most of the enclosures were concrete on the bottom with barely 5 feet of space for the animals to move around. The birds were even worse off with a tiny cage to live out their poor existence. At the time I visited there were 3 cows with extra legs. Two of them had an extra leg dangling from somewhere on their body, while one had 2 additional appendages. They were pathetic to see, all huddled together. One of them was seriously deformed, and had trouble walking. An animal that weighs that much, shouldn't be expected to hobble around on three legs, and should've been humanely euthanized. All the animals looked mangy. Iím surprised that this place hasnít been shut down for animal cruelty.



Now how is that little guy supposed to drink from that?


I was pretty sure those two were dead until I saw them breathing.

Here are the freak cows. The far left has an extra leg on his front leg. The middle looked like it was giving birth to a baby. The one on the right had a leg hanging from itís neck.





They had normal bulls, too. This one was a cutie and let me pet him.


There was also a sweet little donkey that I fell in love with and petted for at least 20 minutes. I wanted to steal him and save him from his horrible life. His eyes were so sad.


I was sick of driving when we left prairie dog town, so I made my stuffed panda baby drive. He was always criticizing my driving anyway.



While driving through Kansas, my tire exploded. On the interstate. Luckily I was 2 feet from an exit, and pulled my car off the road. Iíve changed many tires before, and while muttering obscenities, I pulled the spare out, jacked up the car andÖcouldnít get the fucking lug nuts off. I tried for 20 minutes before getting back in the car to find my AAA information. (Which I almost didnít buy before I left!) While rummaging through the glove compartment, a man knocked on my window and asked if I needed help. I said yes, though I really didnít want to. I had already shooed someone away while I was jacking the car up. He was very kind, and took the lug nuts off in seconds. I felt like such a wimp. I never got his name, but if somehow youíre reading this, thank you Mr. Off-duty Firefighter in Kansas.

I was in such a tizzy about the blow out that I didnít even think of taking a picture of it, though now I wish I would have. I did however take pictures of the ONLY place that was open in the next town.

I feel dirty and disgusted that I had to resort to Wal-Mart. They are the devil. But, theyíre the 24 hour devil.



Betcha canít guess which one I had to buy:


Mhmm. The most expensive one.

I had lost 4 and Ĺ hours fixing my flat, so I didnít make it to the Greyhound Hall of Fame before it closed. I stopped anyway just to have a look around.



It was getting late, and panda baby was getting sleepy.


I didnít make reservations, but I had planned at what hotels I wanted to stay in. I researched them online and they were all AAA approved. However, I didnít take into consideration that all the hotels in an area would be full.

Apparently, there was a Mexican convention of some sort in the town I had planned on sleeping in, and no rooms were available in any of the nearby hotels. So, I drove to the next town and found a beautiful hotelÖwith no vacancy.

By that time it was so late that all I wanted to do was sleep. Against my better judgment I stayed at a hotel called the ďGolden RuleĒ. It was very Norman Bates-ish and Iím surprised Iím alive.

Iím pretty sure this is a blood stain from the previous guest:


Even panda baby was uncomfortable.


The hotel key was an ad for pizza hut, which I found odd Ė until the rest of the trip where the keys all had ads on them, though none for pizza.


I think thatís plenty of pictures for today. My schedule is all fucked up, Iím actually going to bed at a decent hour. Then, amazingly, I wake up at a decent hour, too. Iím sure Iíll have this fixed soon.

Also, my bestest friendís mamma is out of transplant surgery and doing well. Thank you for your prayers, and keep them coming. Sheís lovely, and I adore her so much.

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