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Proof that my best friend knows me well: I adored the movie Amelie. I think I'll watch it again very soon.

Tomorrow night and Monday I'll be house sitting/dog sitting for Jackie's parents. That means I'll have to spend those two nights sleeping at their house.

I feel really uncomfortable sleeping at other people's houses. I've never liked it, and I don't think I ever will. I don't sleep well, and I constantly worry about leaving something on that will cause the house to burn down. Or the dogs will die in my care. Or the house will be broken into and ransacked.

Or, or, or, or.

Or some other unlikely scenario.

Speaking of unlikely scenarios, I can't believe I'm going on a road trip by myself. Iíve told everyone, and they all think Iím completely insane for wanting to go see a panda baby on his birthday.

But, they all think I'm insane because I adopted him in the first place. And, that I'm the member of a zoo that's 1600 miles away.

Iíve been researching rental cars, and it seems they want to offer unlimited miles until you leave the state. Then they drop the miles to 200 with each additional mile 35 cents. I donít even think I can get out of the state with 200 miles.

Hereís an unaltered ad depicting the stupidity of car rental agencies.


Do you think I can drive 1600 miles in two days? I think I can, but everyone else seems to doubt my driving abilities. In fact, no one wants me to go. They're afraid I might die.

Why is everyone so worried?

I think most people don't like being alone, so they worry when they are.

I worry when I'm not.

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