3:39 a.m.

for the love of Google

Google has been filling me with joy by releasing new stuff every 3 seconds. Here are a few of my favorite new Google products:

Thereís a new Picasa update where you can upload your photos to an online photo album. Hereís the one I made while I was testing it. Very similar to Flickr, which I must admit Iím going to stay loyal to.

Second up, Google Notebook which I adore. Iíve added the Firefox extension and whenever I see something I want to remember I cut a snippet of the website (text or picture) and put it in the notebook. This saves me from cluttering up my bookmarks which, because Iím anal, are perfectly in order. I can finally get rid of my ĎSortí folder. Yay!

Last, but only because I donít really have a use for it at the moment, is Google Spreadsheet. Yes, a spreadsheet.

This ends my love fest for Google. Youíd think I was being paid.

Also, Iíve added the relaxation mp3 to the sidebar. I read through the beginning of the booklet, and realized youíre supposed to use it daily. I havenít listened to the mp3 yet, but I scored 58 out of 60 (with 60 being loony beyond belief) on the test in the intro section.

Yes, I am that crazy.

I hope this program thing works.

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