3:26 a.m.

lease or buy?

I need your advice. I'm in desperate need of a different car, and I need to do some massive research before I even think about talking to a dealer. So, here are my thoughts. Please help me.

Why I might want to buy a used car:
I could outright buy a used car for around $11,000, then I'd actually own it. I could drop to the state minimun for car insurance and save quite a bit of money, but if I'm in an accident I'm screwed and would have to pay for repairs myself. I could always sell it when I'm ready and get another car.

Why I think I might want to lease:
I would hope in 2-3 years after I graduate to be driving something better than, oh say, a Mazda3. Although I could outright buy a car for around $11,000, I'm not sure I should. Would it be better to just lease one for 2-3 years, then buy something that I'll want to drive for awhile? With a lease, the car is under warranty and I don't have to worry about repairs. I would have money left to pay my mother's rent since my father's alimony runs out this year and my mother makes a whopping $13,000 a year without it.

Things I definitely don't want:
I will never BUY a new car.
I don't want to put $5000 down on a lease and still have an outrageous car payment - if I lease something, it'll be cheap, like a mazda3 or civic.
I don't want to pay lots, for anything. I'm cheap.

Things I'd like:
No car payment, but if I must have one - lower than $175.
Great gas mileage.
Leather seats, though not required, would be nice. It would be so much easier to clean the dog hair off.

Ok, so go ahead, give me your advice. I need it.

Hell, I'm even considering that stupid Yaris.

It's 3:40am and I'm thinking about leases and used cars. Fuck I'm lame.

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