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I was tagged by ruachadonai a long time ago. I'm trying not to think about the doctor's appointment I have in an hour.

I am…scared about going to the doctor this afternoon.
I said…”Some people are so fucking ungrateful.”
I want…to be happy.
I wish…I was happy.
I hate…people who think the government is there to support them.
I miss…being hugged.
I fear…growing old alone and unhappy.
I hear…my heartbeat in my ears because I’m having an anxiety attack.
I wonder…why I’m so angry all the time.
I regret…nothing.
I am not…a happy camper right now.
I dance…never.
I sing…when no one can hear or see me.
I cry…daily.
I am not always…going to be a hypocrite.
I made…a really nice baby shower gift for Jackie, but it was unappreciated.
I write…to vent.
I confuse…self-deprecation and modesty.
I need…love.
I should…be less judgmental.
I start…school again on June 12th.
I finish…my degree in 2008 (hopefully).
I know…nothing in
I can…find almost anything out about a person online (!)
I cannot…stop obsessing about my weight.
I see…beautiful hydrangeas.
I blog…to figure myself out.
I read…rarely for fun anymore.
I am aroused by…genius Russian professors with accents.
It pissed me off…that some men think women can’t be engineers.
I find…that most people who drive SUVs are bad drivers.
I like…lilacs.
I love…my best friend.

If you're reading this, you're tagged. Unless of course you don't want to do it, then just pretend you didn't read it.

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