1:07 a.m.

David Caruso

As I was flipping through the channels a rerun of CSI Miami popped up. Can I just say that David Caruso is the worst actor ever.

Wait...he's second. James Woods is first.

I put in my air conditioner today. The kind that goes in the window.

It's covered in duct tape.

This makes me white trash, and that makes me mad. I'll be going to the store as soon as I get cash to fix this problem.

Jackie really upset me on Saturday and I want to return the favor, but I'm too much of a pushover. She commited to helping me with a project at work, but when I called her Saturday morning she conveniently had other things she had to do before she could help.

When I called her several times throughout the afternoon, she didn't answer her phone. And, she never called me back.

I'm supposed to babysit for her tomorrow afternoon.

Conveniently I received a call from her tonight around 11:00pm. I didn't answer because I knew what she was going to say.

(Ok seriously - a fucking tsunami in florida with David Caruso the hero? I hate this show.)

I wish I could just ignore her the way she did me, but I can't.

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