1:42 a.m.


So, Iím not sure if youíve caught on, but I have a crush. I think Iíve hid it fairly well.

Ok. Not really.

This is what my professor looked like before I had a crush on him. Complete and total fucking geek. He even has his Mister Rogerís sweater on.


See, it didnít start off as a crush, and it really shouldnít have ever turned into a crush, but I have a weakness for geeky, rich, older Russians.


I had no idea.

I think itís the brain that pushes me over the edge. The man is a fucking genius.

Anyway, as of late Iíve been acting like a giddyÖwell, schoolgirl, whenever Iím around him or talk to him. However, classes are over and I needed a reason to contact him. I made up an excuse to email him, so this is what I came up with:

Can you tell me where I can pick up my final? I know it was on the bottom of the test, but I've forgotten. Also, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to help me understand the material, it is greatly appreciated.

Almost instantaneously I received this response:

Thank you very much for your kind words.
It means a lot to me. It was a pleasure to have you as a student in class.

You can pick your Exam 3 in Math Department office.
I left all of them there in the envelope.
The office assistants know where it is.
You got 81 out of 82 for your Exam 3.
The best in class!
Your total grade is A.

I shall see you in Fall. Have a great summer.

Ok, how fucking cute is he with his horrible grammar, missing words and making every sentence a new paragraph?

I even got an exclamation point out of him!

Anyway, I realize how inappropriate this crush is, and that Iím reading way too much into his actions and comments. (Except the boobie thing, cause that pretty much spoke for itself.) I realize that he doesnít have a crush on me and doesnít want to jump my bones and that heís just a really nice person.

But, you know what? Sometimes itís just fun to have a crush.

Heís going to be my motivation to start exercising again and to get back into shape this summer. He wonít notice in that fall if Iíve changed or not, and thatís ok. He doesnít have to. Iím just going to enjoy it while it still gives me motivation.

And, this is what my professor looked like after I realized I had a crush on him:


Mmmm. Now thatís one sexy, geeky, rich, older Russian.

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