2:12 a.m.

I'm not gonna, but I wanna

I took my calculus final this afternoon. My stomach was in knots and Iíve felt nauseous all day. I had to get a 76% or above to get a B in the class. I had to get 113% to get an A, which obviously, was impossible. This is my first B.

Or, very possibly, C.

If I get a C, I will literally cry. I feel like crying over the B.

Iím sure I sound like a fucking cunt. I know everyone hates people like me; the Ďoh my god, an A-?!í kind of people. I wish I didnít care. I wish I didnít care that Iíll have to get a 4.0 average for the next 32 credit hours to get my GPA back up to what it is now.

How is that remotely fair? 32 hours of perfection to make up for 4 hours worth of B work. It makes me nauseous just thinking about it again.

This is the part where I usually quit.

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