2:29 a.m.

Good job boobies, Iím proud of you

I received my linear algebra exam back; the one I was sure I failed. I got an 87%.

He graded me more leniently than I have ever been graded in my life. For example:

Linear Algebra

See how I didnít even do the problem correctly Ė at all, and I still got 5 out of 6 points? And the rest of my test is littered with problems like that. I am by no means complaining; Iím ecstatic.

I just donít know what to attribute it to - my boobies? Luck? Guilt & awkwardness?

To be honest, I donít think I had anything to do with it. I think heís just a really nice person and wants everyone to do well in his class.

But just for the record, Iíd totally marry him if he needed a green card.

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