1:36 a.m.


I finished neither my calculus homework, nor my linear algebra homework. Itís been a tough day. However, two interesting things happened to me today:

First, remember the jackass that refused to be my partner for my engineering project because I was just a stupid girl? Today we tested our designs and Mr. Sexist was directly behind me in line. He got to watch as my little invention launched the ball into the basket 13 feet away. All three times. A few prior teams had made it once or twice, but several didnít even hit the basket once. After my testing was over, I watched his. He missed all three times.

And, I was the only one in the entire class that scored three out of three.


Second, I had a linear algebra exam today and I failed miserably. Recall how I felt about my physics exam Ė the 66% one? It was twice as bad. However, that is not the point. The point is: I caught my Russian professor looking at my boobies!


I sat in the first row directly in front of him because I was late to class, and my normal seat was taken. During the exam I was getting frustrated, so I looked up to take a little mental break and he was looking directly down my shirt. I just stared at him, for what seemed like 30 seconds, until he looked up and noticed that I was watching him. He started blushing. I smiled at him and he turned an even brighter shade of red. Heís lucky I have a crush on his accent, or Iíd be a bit creeped out.

Iíd try to use it as leverage for a better grade, but I donít want to be that girl. And, itís kinda nice to have the boobies admired; Iím feeling old in this sea of 17 year olds.

That just made me sound like a completely vapid moron.

My apologies.

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