3:46 a.m.

almost any vehicle would do

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my father. I plan on asking him to help me get a new (used, but new to me) car.

The thing is, I'm deathly afraid of my father. I hate asking for anything, let alone something this big. The man makes almost a quarter of a million dollars a year, but he's not fond of sharing it. If you spoke with him about finances, you'd swear he made just slightly above poverty level.

A few years ago when discussing taxes, I figured out that he pays more in taxes a month than I had made all year.

So, he's more than capable of helping me; it's just that he usually won't. I'm desperate though, and I really need a reliable car.

Iím not picky. There are only a few things Iíd like in a car that I donít have in my current one:

Air conditioning*
Seat belts
Power windows/locks*
No body damage
A radio that plays FM, too*
Brakes that work all the time

See, not picky at all.

Iím hoping my success so far in this whole mechanical engineering endeavor will persuade him to help.

Wish me luck.

*Items with an asterisk are optional, but preferred.

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