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April fool's bring May George Boole's

April Foolís Day was by far one of the weirdest days Iíve had recently.

The yard sale went well on Friday, but we still had quite a bit of crap left so we decided to extend it to Saturday, too. Overall it was a pretty good success. We made $262.75, which totally kicks ass since it was all small crap that we were going to donate anyway. The most expensive thing was a solid wood table and chair set (which was quite nice) that we sold for $30; everything else pretty much sold for 25Ę.

Although, no one wanted my retro 1978 orange desk chair. (Iím happy though because I decided to keep it.)


I had to leave the yard sale early to go to work. While I was there I passed the FedEx counter. In a cage behind the counter that I never noticed before was this package.



Itís a bit blurry because I felt like a moron taking a picture of a package in a cage. I canít figure out why this package was locked up all by itself; none of the other ones were.

Iím not sure what they were, but Iím hoping they were boobies.

Then on the way home I noticed my neighbors had put this outside their house.

Neighbor's head


First, thank god that itís a few houses away. Second, what the fuck?!

Itís not the same house as the evil sign, but close. If I disappear, just assume Iíve been killed and sacrificed.

After work I stopped by Jackieís house to see how she was doing. She was watching a county music channel and a video by some guy named Gary Allan came on.

I had to do a double take because he looks exactly (even down to the fucked up bottom teeth, though slightly older), like my ex-boyfriend, J.

Whose real name is Jeremy by the way. I donít care enough to use a pseudonym any more.

Which just so happens to be the name on the badge in the breast implant picture above.

I donít know why I thought these were such weird coincidences. I think Iím grasping at straws here.

When I got home there was a letter from the school saying they had deposited $500 in my account.

April Foolís?

Apparently not. I checked my account and the money was there. I donít know why, but Iím not going to question it. Itís an even $500 so I think it was funds from a scholarship.

In any event it was an interesting day.

Now, something completely unrelated to anything Jeremy - money.


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