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28% higher than I thought

So, I got a 78% on my Calculus midterm. (Which is just basic Calc II – This particular exam covered sequences and series – including Taylor and MacLaurin - for those of you who asked.) I'm thoroughly surprised. This is the first time ever that I'm not only ok with a C, but happy with it.

Ok, not happy that I got a C, but happy that I didn’t fail. It’s my own fault. I know that if I would’ve put the slightest effort into calculus the past two weeks I would’ve easily got an A on that test. I got a fucking 78% after 14 straight hours of studying. Image what I could’ve done had I actually bothered to learn it when I was supposed to.

So, in conclusion: not HAPPY, happy, just sort of happy. Make sense?

Also, there's something to be said for writing out in words what you'd do if you could just remember how to do the second easiest integral on the face of the planet. You will ALWAYS get partial credit if you just write what you should've done. This is something that my pre-calculus teacher taught me, and it has worked on every single test since. I’d kiss him for it if I could.

For example, after he told us this, I literally put: "In the words of Uncle Jesse, 'Have mercy!' my mind went blank."

His response when I got my test back - you made me laugh so I gave you a few points.

It worked with this test, too. Minus the humor - just the actual explaining part. I don’t think she’s the humor type.

I also have a question for you math people out there. Are you ALL runners? Seriously, 98.432% (I just made that up) of the math teachers I’ve had run – either for health or competitively. What’s the connection?

Anyway, it’s officially Spring Break for me now, so no more math talk.

I took this tonight while experimenting with the ISO setting on my camera. Nothing exciting, but the patch of white light on the right is practically identical to my signature. It was completely unintentional and I found it amusing.


I’ve been told I should’ve become a doctor.

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