4:35 a.m.

panda babies and panda purses

It's a bit past 4:30 am.

I changed my template from the womanís torso to this. Iím not sure if Iím going to keep it, but I know that I donít need something, that isnít exactly healthy for me to look at right now, constantly staring back at me.

And, I love panda babies.

Iím sure thatís obvious by now. Itís a recent obsession, and to be perfectly honest, I donít know why it started. All I know is that my little panda baby butt makes me happy and calms me, so for now itís just going to have to be ok.

Speaking of pandas, I think this purse is going to be my incentive to not purge for a month.

panda purse

Also, Iím going to ask my best friend to fix the header photo because I realize it looks like a 4 year old cut it out of a magazine. I have absolutely no Photoshop skills whatsoever, but I know that he can make it perfect.

Iíve learned more html than any human should have to know. Ok, maybe not Ė but more than I should ever have to know.

The real reason I stayed up until 4:30am fixing my template? Iím avoiding my calculus. I should be studying for the midterm I have on Thursday, but I havenít. I havenít done anything in that class for the past few weeks. Thereís no excuse for it except that Iím lazy and I havenít been motivated to do anything at all school-wise.

Itís made me really anxious and on edge, too. I went all day yesterday without purging but I was too weak today and failed. Of course yesterday I woke up for 3 hours around noon, slept until 7:00pm, and then went back to bed around 1:30am. So I was awake for a total of 9 Ĺ whole hours.

Iím pretty sure that qualifies me as depressed. Or just really, really lazy.

Anyway, now you donít have to cover the image with the comment box when youíre at work. Unless you work at some terrible place that hates panda babies. And then really Ė what kind of horrible person are you?

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