3:38 a.m.

reason #95536 why I need to move

More proof I live in the ghetto:

These are my neighbors on the other side Ė opposite where the psycho lived.

Instead of having trash service and disposing of trash like most people in a civilized society, these people decided that they were just going to throw it out their back door. Then, when it was piled so high that they couldnít walk out the back steps anymore, they decided to keep collecting until they couldnít shut the back door.


This is literally 3 to 4 MONTHS worth of trash.

I swear to god there must be a rotting body in that pile somewhere because the smell is nauseating.

Anyway, they have two children under five that live in that house. As much as Iím not fond of children, even Iím appalled.

Being the upstanding citizen that I am, and in hopes of an eviction, I called Child Welfare Services. I just told them the disgustingness that is seeping from every opening, and two weeks later this huge dumpster appears in front of their house.


Itís been there since Friday morning, and the trash is still festering in the back yard. I canít say I blame them for not wanting to touch it, Iím sure there are maggots crawling all over the place. Itís putrid.

In happier news, my one eyed squirrel is alive and doing better! I saw him this morning as I was leaving for work, and I ran back inside to give him some more medicine and some peanuts. He was happy and more energetic. Iím so relieved. Although, it seems to be that heís only going to have one eye Ė Iím not sure how long a squirrel with no depth perception is going to last in the Ďwildí.

He can come live with me.

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