12:48 a.m.

big bucks, no whammies

So, I got the test results back to two of my midterms. My engineering midterm - which I totally was unprepared for I got an 87%. I'm not too thrilled, but seeing as I bullshitted my way through the entire exam, I'm ok with that.

On my physics midterm, I got a 104% because of the extra credit problem. I'm sure you all hate me now because I'm the big freaking dork who ruins the curve. Suck it, I needed that 104% to pull up my 66% from the last exam.

Although I'm happy with the score, I do feel like a total dweeb. But, I did study quite hard for this exam.

I don't know, I suppose I'm happy.

Anywho...I used to watch Press Your Luck religiously when I was younger. It was by far my favorite game show, and when I'd stay home sick, it'd be the one show I made sure I watched.

The host died in a plane crash today.

I feel like a piece of my childhood died, too.

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