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So, there are several things wrong with this thank you note.

bad thank you

ē There are misspellings and bad grammar galore.
ē The fact that a 26 year old wrote this, not a seven year old. I think they should teach penmanship in school again.
ē Who asks for a favor in a thank you note?!

I feel that maybe Iím just looking for reasons to be mad at Jackie. I mean, I did get a thank you note, despite its actual content; itís the thought that counts, right? Am I over reacting and being excessively sensitive?

Keep in mind this is the girl who told me about the great Baby Einstein CDs sheís bought for her child. The ones with the great composers: Bach, Beethoven, and Monet. When I responded ďMonet, really?Ē She said, ďMhmm. All the good ones. My baby is gonna be so smart by the time itís old enough to talk.Ē

And she chose to reproduce.

Anyway, I think I may see things in a slightly skewed way because Iím still upset over the baby shower. Iíve distanced myself from her the past few weeks, and I must admit I feel slightly happier, but also slightly guilty.

In other news, did you know that thin people live in Colorado? I was reading my favorite magazine Real Simple, and came upon this article that shares the Ďsecrets of thin peopleí.


(click to read more of the article)

It must be a prerequisite for citizenship. No wonder I have body issues, Iím surrounded by healthy, happy people. Fuck them, Iím moving to Mississippi. At least in comparison Iíll feel stick thin.

Now, to prove Iím the biggest dork in the world, I think that Iím going to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science tomorrow. The Body Worlds exhibit just opened this weekend, and Iíve been waiting to see it forever. Who doesnít want to see the insides of real people? Also, I havenít been to the planetarium since a 6th grade field trip, and thereís a showing on black holes. Iím seriously excited about that, too. AND the IMAX theater is showing a film about the physical changes in two Tour de France cyclists that looks quite interesting.

The only problem? Iím surrounded by people who only want me for my Ďbaby sitting survicesí and think that people who like museums are bound to be Ďsingle and child free foreverí.

Maybe itís the truth.

No wonder evolution has taken such a long time.

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