1:01 a.m.

just end already

So, I donít think I got a 66% on this exam, but I donít think I got 100% either. Of course, I thought I did way better than a 66% last time, too.

Cross your fingers for me.

It's a little past 1:00am, but itís still early according to my regular schedule. However, I should really be sleeping. I didn't get much last night because I spent the whole night worrying about a test instead of studying for it.

I've been working about once a month at the vet clinic since January to get doggy benefits. So, um... yeah - a total of 3 whole times.

Tomorrow is this month's one day.

You don't know how badly I want to call in sick, but I won't. I can't. I have never called in sick there - not once in over 4 years. They have this weird hold on me. And, I'm a pushover.

I just want this week to end.

And for the neighbors to spontaneously combust, but that's just a pipe dream - a crack pipe that Iím sure they smoking at this very minute.

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