I'm taking my third, and final, midterm of this week tomorrow evening.

I'm so stressed, and work has thrown a deadline on me for tomorrow. They expect me to go from an 8 hour a week job to a 40 hour a week job with no notice AND during midterms.

I have to do good on this midterm, it's for physics. Remember... the test I almost failed last month.

I got an 87% on my engineering design midterm, which I'm not very happy with, but I'm not going to cry over it. I just finished my linear algebra midterm earlier tonight, and I feel pretty good about it.

That means one of two things - I knew what I was doing, and I did well or I only thought I knew what I was doing and I did horribly.

I hope I did well.

But honestly, I don't really care right now. I just feel like someone is kicking me repeatedly in the stomach. My nerves and the anxiety I feel about tomorrow is killing me. Physically.

It's past 2:30am, and I want to get up early in the morning to finish the work stuff and then focus on studying, but I canít sleep.

I've never been good at studying for exams.

I want to vomit from nerves.


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