3:02 a.m.

here comes the sun

So, Iím feeling a bit better. I went to class this evening only because I can not miss any more physics classes. 66% is not acceptable to me. At all. Ever.

It was a nice 70 degrees here today which is completely unusual. Iím so ready for spring. Usually Iím not that excited about it. Iím more of a gloomy, grey, snowy winter kind of gal.

However, thereís something stirring.

In me.

I can feel it. Iím dumping the weight of a friendship that has kept me down, and Iím more than Ĺ way through a difficult degree. Excluding that 66% Iím doing pretty well.

Iíve joined two clubs, though Iíve yet to go to any of the meetings. Itís more for a boost to my scholarship applications and resumes than for social interaction.

But, you never know. Maybe Iíll actually enjoy the people. I want to. I really do.

Iím going to be happy damn it, even if itís horribly unpleasant in the beginning.

Now I just need to quit this bullshit bulimia crap and Iíll be set.

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