2:12 a.m.

6% away from failure

I got my first D on an exam. Ever. In my entire life.

A 66% to be exact.

I've been in mourning since yesterday, but then I realized that I deserved it.

I didn't study, but maybe 30 minutes. It was a Physics II exam - I needed to fucking study. Also, I didn't really do the homework - at least not fully. I use the student's solution manual sometimes, but I usually make sure I fully understand it before moving on. I didn't this time.

See, this is the kick in the ass I needed. I finally had a repercussion for being a flippant, pompous ass.

In other news, I'm so completely exhausted all the time, and I'm really quite sick of it. Also, my lips are so chapped, Iím actually thankful I have no one to kiss.

Plan for tomorrow?
I want to get to the gym and rekindle my obsession. Hopefully my arch nemesis, little Asian lady, is still around.

Iíll end my whining now.

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