1:28 a.m.

an amazingly nice mood

My dog is snoring. Loudly, but itís comforting. Iím probably one of the few people on this earth that like snoring. It calms me and lets me know someone else is there. I truly love it Ė no matter how obnoxiously loud.

So, I asked Dracula for help, and it was a smashing success. First, he explained clearly in 10 minutes what I had spent hours trying to figure out from the book. When I told him that, he blushed. He told me to stop by anytime, that he was always there to help, and all these other wonderfully encouraging things.

Then he proceeded to smile and talk directly to me the whole class.

Thereís nothing nicer than a professor knowing your name. Itís the difference between an A and an A-. (Yes, Iím that big of a dork these days.)

But, Iím sure the V-neck top didnít hurt.

Also in GREAT news, I got a 96% on the quiz I completely made shit up on.

I told you I was a good bullshitter.

Ok, enough school talk. I feel like Iím in high school again when I talk about it. So, no more for now - on to different things.

I got the most wonderfully sweet valentine today with a baby panda on it. Itís the sweetest thing anyoneís ever given me for Valentineís Day. I absolutely adore it.

Also, I checked my credit score. I was pretty prepared for a poor score. I was actually thinking itíd be in the negative range, but the lowest it goes is 330-ish, so thatís what I was aiming for.



Now, as shockingly horrible as this is, Iím actually amazed I scored this high. Look! In one of them; Iím not even the lowest rank.

Iíve gotten two credit cards since the bankruptcy, and use them to pay my DSL and gym membership, then pay them off fully each month. Sometimes, Iíll use them right before pay day just to get me by. Then, when I get paid, I immediately pay them.

Is this what people with good credit do? I feel so responsible when I do it. Iím slowly inching my way out of bad credit, and thatís good enough for me.

Overall today was a good day, and I didnít even kiss anyone.

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