3:38 a.m.

I heart vd

Happy Valentineís Day. Itís 3:38am and I just finished some of my homework thatís due today.


Tonight Jackie had a fucking drama fit and made me take her to the hospital. NOTHING was wrong with her. Sheís pregnant and she thinks the world should bow to her. If they donít sheíll create some drama so that she gets sympathy.

It made me miss class. And I couldnít turn in my homework so I emailed my professor and begged that he take the homework late Ė if only for a fraction of full credit.

Iím really quite sick of this whole pregnancy thing.

No, Iím really just quite sick of Jackie and her selfishness.

Itís been building and I can only imagine how it must look when I bad mouth my Ďbestí friend of 20 years.

I feel like I have to run away to escape her. I canít just not be her friend anymore Ė itís been too long.

And this isnít about her pregnancy and me feeling Ďleft behindí or any other psychological jealousy issues that people may think.

Iím certainly not jealous of someone who planned to have a baby on welfare and Medicare so that she wouldnít have to pay anything out of her pocket. (Oh yeah Ė Iím just as mad as you.)

Her mother buys her and her husbandís groceries every week. Along with paying her cable, cell phone, and DSL bills.

The only thing theyíre responsible for paying is the mortgage. And her parents re-mortgaged their house to sign for it.

Iím jealous to a certain extent I suppose. Jealous that she has everything sheís ever wanted and hasnít worked for it at all.

But then a part of me is utterly disgusted that people can live like that.

So I guess Iíve just matured, and sheís still the little girl that canít take care of herself?

Except sheís decided to reproduce.

I need to get quite a bit of bitching about her off my chest, but I just canít do it right now. Iím exhausted and tomorrow is going to be hell.

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