1:50 a.m.

co-fuck off, the new trig identity

You'd think that with a name like Intro to Elementary Linear Algebra I'd be able to grasp the concepts pretty easily.

No such luck. We had our first quiz today, and I'm pretty sure I did miserably.

Pretty sure because I made half the stuff up.

It didn't help that the Count can't write English very well. As he switched the word 'invertible' for the word 'inevitable' several times, misspelled matrix and had questionable grammar throughout the entire test.

Also, My Calc II class is archived online, so itís given me an excuse to skip class. All. The. Time.

I really have to stop doing that.

I have a physics exam tomorrow, and Iím not at all prepared. I still have to finish the homework from the last chapter. Itís as if I want to fail. But I donít. At least I donít think I do. Whatever.

Why did I pick such a math and science intense major? I shouldíve majored in politics. Iím a good bullshitter.

Speaking of, Iíve so bullshitted my way through my entire educational career without ever really learning most of my trig identities.

Yeah, not so much anymore. I have to get those memorized this weekend or my life will be a living hell.

Cosine, cotangent, cosecant, co-fuck off.

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