12:52 a.m.

free stuff kicks ass

Sooo, I have this part time job where I go to 4 stores a week and stock some items. It's pretty damn easy and I make almost $400 a month working about 14 hours.

A month.

Fourteen hours a month, people.

Anyway, I was happy about it. It's one of those jobs you hear about, but no one you know has. The 'independent vendor' job where you come and go as you please and you're basically your own boss.

Commence the jealousy at my easy money/cake job. I'll wait.

Anyway, one of the items I stock is paperback books. And when they're sick of selling a certain book, I rip the covers off and I'm supposed to dispose of the actual book. As in, throw it away.

I feel like a Nazi, and I might as well be burning them.

This is where you come in.

I have 3 paperback books left, and I don't want to throw them away.

Anyone want a free book? I'll even pay the $2 shipping.

I'm so nice you.

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