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Just some random stuff on my mind:

Thought #1

I've been thinking about my dog dying lately. I guess it's just reality setting in. He's 8 years old, has had surgery on both knees, and will need medication forever. But, I love him more than life itself. He makes me happy. I smile every time he wags his butt. He snorts when he's happy, like the fat little pig that he is. And, he snores. Who can't love a dog that snores?

Anyway, back to death. Originally, I planned on this. Someone brought a brochure into the vet clinic about pet preservation one day, and I instantly fell in love with the pictures. COME ON, you love them, too!

So, just to get a reaction, I told everyone that I planned to stuff Bailey so he could be with me forever. I never really planned on it. But, the reaction was always fun to see.

Well, I found these people - LifeGem, and I swear to every god imaginable that I am going to do this with my dog. And, my future husband. And, if I die first, you damn well better believe that someone, somewhere, will be wearing a Julie ring. (Or a nice necklace - I'll leave that decision up to them.)

Thought #317

I end up in at the strangest websites at 3:15am. I somehow found an anagram site, and get this - an anagram for my name is ĎAh, Jan - virulent hoí. Fitting since it's my mother's name.

Thought #502

I added a panda baby icon to the website. Now, if you bookmark my site a cute little panda baby should show up. Yes, I am obsessed with pandas, but better pandas then crack. Although, they both seem to prove slightly addictive.

Thought #1909

I think I'm going to paint my room green this weekend. I am not prepared whatsoever to paint, but really - how much work can it be? I think I'll regret this. Should I do it?

Thought #1973

If you go back an entry, I've figured out how to post mp3s. I think. I'm quite proud. Any requests?

Thought #2003

I start school on Tuesday. I'm trying not to think about it, but truth be told, I'm petrified.

My classes, in no particular order are:

Principles of Engineering Introduces the field of engineering. Explores various technology systems and manufacturing processes to demonstrate how engineers use math, science and technology in an engineering problem solving process. The course also includes an examination of social and political implications of technology.

Thermodynamics First and second laws of thermodynamics. Properties, states, thermodynamic functions, entropy, and probability.

Calculus II Transcendental functions, techniques and applications of integration, Taylorís theorem, improper integrals, infinite series, analytic geometry, polar coordinates.

Introduction to Linear Algebra Systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, linear independence, basis, dimension, determinants, linear transformations and matrices, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

General Physics II Topics covered include electrostatics, the electric field, Gaussís law, electric potential, capacitors and dielectrics, current and resistance, the magnetic field, Ampereís law, Faradayís law, inductance, oscillations, and electromagnetic waves.

Remind me why Iím doing this. Oh, thatís right. Money.

Thought # 2.33 x 10^23

Sometimes, I talk to myself because no one is there to listen.

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