5:10 a.m.

night time is the right time

So, itís been awhile. A week or more. Iím too lazy to look. Nothing has really happened lately. Including school, because I dropped the interim course I had planned on taking. I feel lazy and unproductive. Probably because I am. Iíve already broken all my New Yearís resolutions, so itís pointless to even mention what they were. If youíre really dying to know, you can email me, but they arenít that impressive.

In other news, I havenít met my fatherís girlfriend yet. I donít really think he wants me to. The whole conversation on that Sunday night was forced and he seemed uneasy. I think she forced him to call. Not only did I get out of meeting her, but we havenít even spoken of it since. Itís like it never happened. Fine with me. I didnít want to meet her anyway.

Since school has let out, my days and nights have become completely mixed up. I donít go to sleep until around 5:00am and I donít wake up until 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. Iíve always been like this when Iím able. Itís my Ďnatural circadian rhythmí or so Iíve been told. Whatever. Iím a night person.

Itís peaceful at night. It also allows me to indulge in one of my most shameful addictions - infomercials. Itís been awhile since Iíve seen any infomercials, so theyíre all new to me. My current favorite is the Food Saver, but Iíve yet to see them all. The cheesier the better in my opinion. Itís like Christmas all over again.

My favorite infomercial of all time was the ĎAmazing Discoveriesí infomercial selling Mathemagics. I loved Mike Levey, the host. Heís dead now. Itís a shame Ė that heís dead AND that I know he is.

Amazing Discoveries! (by Mixed Up Confusion)

Another great thing about being up all night Ė I get to listen to the person I love sleep. The rhythmic breathing is so calming. Also, I think Iím the only person who loves snoring. Loud, obnoxious snoring calms me. It makes me feel safe. And, I could sleep through a plane landing within 5 feet of me, so itís not like itís an issue even if I was trying to sleep at the same time.

Iíve also been making money on eBay. I sold an autographed picture of Mariah Carey that I Ďorderedí 6 weeks ago specifically for that reason. My foresight paid off. I sold something that was free for $41.00. Iím now trying to sell a free gift Marlboro sent me. HA! I will be rich from selling junk on eBay someday.

I made panda baby cookies to send to my bestest friend, but when I tried to package them they got smoooshed. Iím not going to send smoooshed cookies to anyone, but luckily I took a picture of them before I tried packing them; I had a premonition. Just call me Martha.

Panda Baby (by Mixed Up Confusion)

Side note: Speaking of Martha, I was supposed to be named it. It was a toss up between Martha, Heidi, and Julie. Thank God my parents had some sense. Heidi got tossed cause my last name wouldíve been horrible with it. Heidi HoÖ.

Also, my bestest friend is Canadian, so to show the size of a cookie, I put it next to a loonie. (A loonie is a Canadian dollar coin. Isnít that just the cutest name for money? Also, a two dollar coin isÖget thisÖcalled a toonie! And it has a polar bear on it! Ahahahaha! I love Canada. Except their liquor control commission, but thatís a top secret story for another time.) Anyway, a loonie is about the size of a quarter.

Cookies (by Mixed Up Confusion)

See, I haven't been doing much at all.

Itís 5:00am, so Iím off to bed. GoodÖumÖmorning.

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