7:06 p.m.

a rollercoaster ride of an entry

Iíve been listless lately. Emotionally and physically.

Iím slowly killing myself.

I know youíre sick of hearing. And, Iím sick of saying it.

So, Iím not going to talk about it today. Itíll be like the elephant in the room that no one acknowledges. ShhÖ.

Anyway, Iíve become quite fond of the squirrels in my neighborhood. Iíve become the crazy squirrel lady, and you know what? I donít care. Theyíre cute, and though rat like, donít give me the slightest bit of the heebie jeebies.

Iíve even gotten my doggie, Bailey, to love them.

he turned his head

what squirrel?

It may seem like theyíre sneaking up behind him, but they arenít. He just happened to turn his head to look at something else. He sits and watches them with me. Theyíre not afraid of him, either.

I think my new squirrel watching/feeding hobby has helped calm some of my anxieties. And, Iíve fast forwarded 30 years, and gotten a head start on my retirement hobby.

Remember that TV show that aired in the late 90ís about a guy (who was half nekkid) with two ferrets and a tiger, and he would go around saving people? And, he could Ďcommunicateí with the animals. And, he had an eagle (or hawk) that would go around checking things out for him, and then report back to him. And, it aired mid afternoon on Saturdays. On Fox or UPN or some other lame channel. And, I always used to watch it when I was stoned and there was nothing else on. Remember that? What was it called?

So, anyway, I digressed. The point was, I kinda feel like that guy, now. I walk outside, and the squirrels flock to me. So do the birds, but they DO give me the heebie jeebies, and I shoo them away.

It was killing me not knowing what that show was, so I just spent 25 minutes on Google trying to figure it out. It was The Beastmaster. Iím quite surprised I remembered all that I did considering the state we were in when we watched it.

In other news, school is much harder this semester. Itís taking an inordinate amount of time to do EVERYTHING. Ah, but thatís why Iíll eventually get paid the big bucks, right? RIGHT?!

Happy 26th birthday

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