3:42 a.m.

less wires

It took me 20 minutes to put my bra on this morning. My arms are so sore. It's really quite pathetic.

I didn't do any weight training at all today. Just cardio. My poor muscles are feeling a bit better tonight.

A few weeks ago my father gave me his old laptop. It's not brand new, but I've upgraded the OS, added more memory, and today, I bought a wireless PC card.


I feel so...wireless. I really don't think I have much use for this laptop. After all, I'm taking Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, and Intro to Mechanical Engineering. It's not like I'm taking an English class.

I like it anyway. I feel special.

And, it's an excuse to carry this around. The most wonderfullest person in the world bought me it for my birthday. I love it so much, Iím afraid to touch it and get it dirty. So, at this very moment, itís sitting in its cute little protective cover in the box it was shipped in. Iíll get over it soon enough. Itís too cute not to carry around.

Oh, and coincidently it helps save boobies! Just like my new French friend Fabien. (All those rumors about the French are wrong. Heís very nice.)

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