1:39 a.m.

Jesus hated cheesy 70's porn - so should you

I love spring.

I need a pedicure.


Now, for a very quick, but unfortunately thorough, tour of my fanatically religious town.

This is a normal business here.

Bible World

And this is a normal billboard.


Just for the record, the website this billboard is promoting clearly states on the front page: "Sex addiction isn't a "men's only" problem. The Family Dynamic Institute, an organization that has ministered to thousands of married couples estimates that approximately 45% of those who struggle with sex or porn addiction are women."

Yet, when my poor perverted ass tried to get help, this is all I found: "Strength in Numbers is not a 12 step group, nor does it follow a program. The group is not for women, and outside observers are not allowed to participate."

It's not a group, nor does it follow a program? No women? No outside observers? Hmmm.

On a slightly related note:

I can't get this Tragically Hip lyric out of my head.

"All us little Christians in a circle jerk 'til our daddy gets home from work"

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