5:18 p.m.

could you at least give me some food stamps?

When I think my year canít get any worse, it smacks me in the face and laughs.

As if bleeding practically non-stop for the past 3 or 4 months, a broken molar, a sprained ankle, fainting in public, having no one to love, having no one to love me, falling on my ass in public (more than once), another yelling match with the Cingular customer service reps over calls I couldnít have made, and the overall shitty mood Iíve been in isnít enough, my taxes have been Ďinterceptedí by some state run program Iíve never heard of.

Apparently, the Department of Social Services and Food Assistance took my state refund. Now, just by the name alone I gather this is the welfare department. I may be poor, but I never was, nor will I ever be, on welfare. No one has given me food stamps, no one has offered to pay my medical bills, no one has offered shit, yet somehow I owe THEM money.

I called the number provided, and apparently itís a widespread problem, because itís one of the choices on the voicemail.

ďIf the Department of Social Services and Food Assistance has intercepted your taxes, please press one and leave your name, social security number, and phone number after the beep. Someone will call you back within the next 7-10 business days to discuss your delinquent account.Ē

Well, fuck you, too.

My account is non-existent, not delinquent

Iíve had it. I canít take anymore. It may not seem like a lot to you, but I just canít do it. Iím through. I give up.

Iím not going to care anymore. About anyone or anything.

Fuck it.

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