8:46 p.m.

Hick town, Illinois

Just cause someone mentioned it. Here’s where half my family came from. I tend to try and keep that a secret.

Ok, now to resume the trip.

Jackie’s family lives about 20 minutes into Illinois. The first thing I was greeted by was Paco, the evil, evil, evil Chihuahua. He hated me. The whole time. He wouldn’t stop barking. And, I was constantly berated with kind words like, “Oh….he’s never done that before. What’s wrong with you?” and “Hmmm. I wonder what he senses about you that he doesn’t like.”

I know what it was. I wanted to kick him.

I go to the closet to hang my jacket, and see this…

Umm. Yeah. Don’t ask. I don’t know.

So I head upstairs to settle in. I’m literally stopped in my tracks. I had nightmares about this the whole time I was there. And last night.

After a day or two, we decided (after much coaxing from me) to go to the riverboat.

I totally kicked ass. And this was after losing about half my winnings. I got yelled at for using my cell phone to take a picture of this, and was promptly asked to leave. Lucky for them, I was leaving anyway.

I’ve never seen an ice storm. Usually, it either snows or hails here. So, I was a little excited about the 2 inch thick sheet of ice covering everything one morning.

And, of course. We had to go see the cows. Because. Well. I’ve never seen a dairy cow up close. Just for the record, I’m becoming a vegetarian again...and never drinking milk.

Awww. She’s so cute! And….she sucked on my fingers! I want one. And, something I learned. They look at the ground when they nurse. Very freaky. I’ve dubbed her Bessie. I know. Very original.

And her mama…maybe. Probably not. But, whatever. I called her mama Bessie. Mhmm. I’m witty.

Finally…Why I’m never drinking milk again.

That’s it. To relive the trip home, just go back and look at Friday’s pictures in reverse order. I’m quite impressed at how well my camera phone took pictures. It almost makes me not hate Cingular. Almost.

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